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‘Culture Wars’ papers now online

Some of the papers from the very enjoyable ‘Culture Wars’ conference at Sheffield Hallam University are available online. They are on the site of the Middlebrow Network, which has done much over the past few years to encourage intelligent thinking about the less academically respectable kinds of writing. My own paper is about detective stories. […]


There are several conferences coming up. Here are two that I might have got to if I still lived near London: Next week at the British Library there is the second half of a conference (the first half was in Antwerp) on Languages and the First World War. The conference blog has some intriguing items, […]

Les Amis du Roman Populaire

In Amiens last week I attended a meeting of L’ Association des Amis du Roman Populaire. This is a group of academics and others interested mostly in French popular fiction of the last century, and the two-day conference was about the popular literature of the Great War. We met in the Logis du Roy in […]

‘Sapper’ in Amiens

Tomorrow I shall be going to Amiens, to deliver a paper on “‘Sapper’ : from realism to melodrama” to a conference organised by Les Amis du Roman Populaire. This is an association devoted to all kinds of popular fiction – but especially to the French fiction of the last century, and this conference is considering […]

Oxford Conference

The programme for the British  Poetry of the First World War conference at Oxford (September 5 to 7) is now online: It looks a very good line-up indeed, and I’ve already noted several speakers that I  very much want to hear.  These include Elizabeth Vandiver, author of the brilliant Stand in the Trench, Achilles, […]

How the First World War is taught

The recent controversy about how schoolchildren are taught about World War I has been strong on assertion but light on factual evidence. The excellent World War I in the Classroom group  will soon be publishing the results of their large-scale survey about the teaching of the subject, and that should tell us much. While we’re […]

WW1 Children’s Literature

I’ve been sent details of a conference at Dublin next June. The subject is : The First World War in European Children’s Literature: 1970-2014. It will look at the way the War has been represented for children in the past forty years, which could be interesting, especially as it is asking for international comparisons. During […]

Conferences and Margins

Coming home after two talk-full days at the Marginalised Mainstream conference, I’m chuffed to find in my inbox an email saying that my paper proposal for the British Poetry of the First World War conference in Oxford next September has been accepted. The paper will be about the ways in which war poets were represented […]

The Silent Morning

A collection of essays will be published next month that I’m quite excited about (and not just because it includes a paper of mine) The Silent Morning is edited by Trudi Tate and Kate Kennedy. The publishers describe it like this: This is the first book to study the cultural impact of the Armistice of […]

The First World War in the Classroom

Are you a teacher? Then here’s a project that deserves support. A team of academics from Exeter and Northumbria universities are trying to find out what actually gets taught when the First World War is on the syllabus in schools, whether for History or English. As their handout explains: This kind of survey has never […]


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