Kitty II

Well, I’m at page 100 now, and things are developing fast. The two young ones have got married, and he’s gone off to the trenches without telling his icy mother about the wedding. When he informs her by letter, she goes to see the bride. She’s predictably unimpressed, and now she’s going to cut off her son’s allowance and has employed a dodgy lawyer to make trouble 

It’s one of those morally comfy books. The good are good all through, and the bad don’t possess redeeming features that might confuse the reader.  

The bad, as usual, are the more interesting. Whenever he writes about the mother, Deeping’s phrase-making ability gets going:

“She allowed herself to be angry; anger was the one wine that she would drink, and this particular emotion had developed a devilish facility. She did not know the strength and fierceness of the creature… and like a woman who has kept a tame leopard in her house, she played with the cat-like, couchant thing.”


It’s a fun read, so far.

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