Westfront 1918

Watching a video of Westfront 1918 (a German film directed by G.W.Pabst in 1930) I catch myself out in a prejudice.

It’s during the opening scene, which shows German soldiers laughing and flirting with a Belgian girl who is cooking in their billet. The girl is happily responding and I find myself mentally protesting – “No, that’s what our soldiers did. The Germans were the enemy.” I’ve read too many books showing our side of the war, you see.

Apparently Pabst wanted to film All Quiet on the Western Front, but Hollywood had snaffled the rights to that, so he adapted another novel. It doesn’t have such a strong storyline as Milestone’s adaptation of All Quiet, but the battle scenes are terrifying.

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  1. Endlich auf DVD: Westfront 1918 und Johnny zieht in den Krieg

    Lange habe ich warten müssen, jetzt ist es endlich soweit: 2 der Filme, die ich seit Ewigkeiten auf DVD haben will, kann ich endlich käuflich erwerben.Da wäre zuerst einmal die DVD von Dalton Trumbos "Johnny zieht in den Krieg", Originaltitel

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