I’m famous in South Korea

Recently I had a request for an online interview about my blog from Claire George, who writes for OhMyNews in South Korea. I happily obliged, and the interview can now be found online.

OhMyNews is one of the great examples of the new big thing – a movement called citizen journalism. Not produced by professional  journalists, but by freelancers all over the world, who contribute pieces about things they’ve discovered. Articles are then edited and (presumably) checked. An exciting idea, and maybe the way journalism is heading – think how people caught up in an event start filming on their phones and then send the results to the BBC or wherever. Will professional reporters become redundant?  Or will they only be needed for the really important stories, like recording the sexual shenanigans of footballers and supermodels?

Claire George has a history blog  of her own, by the way – it’s at www.citizenhistorian.wordpress.com


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