The New Age

The archive of Orage’s The New Age, one of the most lively (and sometimes downright strange) periodicals of the early twentieth century, is now back online as part of the modernist journals project at Brown University (It had been offline for much of the summer, for maintenance work or something.)

The wartime numbers include some striking writing by Ezra Pound and others, but it’s the book reviews that interest me most. There’s a review of H.G.Wells’s rotten book Boon that sums up its blathering about the war brilliantly in one word – “tommywaffle”.

Recently I’ve posted probably more than most of my readers feel they need to know about the reception of Douglas Goldring’s The Fortune – but if anyone wants to understand what Goldring meant when he said that the worst reviews came from the papers closest to him in politics, they should click on to read a truly scornful review – too long to quote because it consists simply of a sneering simplifying precis of the story written in a style that makes it seem very stupid indeed. A deeply unfair review. Generally The New Age is much better than this.


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