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The Telegraph reports further excavations at Fromelles, revealing British soldiers as well as Australians among the 400 bodies in the mass graves.

“Two British Army buttons, a collar fastener and a British matchbox” are all that remain to identify over two hundred British soldiers who died with the 173 Australians. The Telegraph gives an impression of the six pits:

The grave site – pits 10 yards long by 2.5 yards wide, which were hastily dug by German troops – was located last year after painstaking research into German records and thanks to aerial photography and ground penetrating radar.

German troops were under orders to treat the dead with respect and not to loot their possessions.

However, in all six pits examined, archaeologists found two tiers of tightly-packed bodies – a sign that the Germans were forced to work fast due to the searing heat and decomposing dead.


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  1. George
    Posted June 14, 2008 at 2:48 pm | Permalink

    It’s crazy thatGPR uncovered all of this

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