Seminars at Birmingham

The Birmingham Centre for First World War Studies has listed its seminar programme for this year. Highlights include:
7 October – Dan Todman on ‘Dead Men Talking: British Casualty Statistics and the Second World War’
21 Oct – Andy Robertshaw on ‘Ghosts of the Somme: A New Analysis of the 1916 Somme Film’
2 Dec – Jessica Meyer on ‘“Til death do us part”: A Brief History of Wartime Weddings’
10 Feb – me on ‘More than Propaganda: Magazine Fiction 1914-18’
17 Mar – Brian Bond on ‘British Memoirs of the First World War’
16 June – J.M. Bourne on ‘Final Thoughts on Studying the Great War’
Plus others on tactical matters and other wars and so on.


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