‘Journey’s End’ in Berlin

The Times of Aug 30, 1929 reported the reactions of German critics to the Berlin production of Die Andere Seite (‘The Other Side’ – which is what  Journey’s End became, reasonably enough, in Germany). In general they felt that “its success was great, but its effect greater.”

“An extreme Nationalist journal” is quoted as saying:

Hats off to this Englishman who has given us the cleanest War play yet seen on the German stage… He caricatures neither soldiers nor officers, neither glorifies nor belittles war or the enemy, but gives an honest picture of life at the front. The German pacifists should take a lesson from him.

I shall keep that quotation handy to send to those students who email me for help because their teachers have asked them to write an essay on the question “How does Journey’s End show the futility of war?”

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