100,000 and still rising

The little counter at the side of my blog today hit the 100,ooo mark. that means 100,ooo page views of posts on here, mostly by humans (I think Wordpress have a mechanism for discounting searches by Googlebots or whatever.) It’s taken two and a half years. The average is about a hundred a day. Many more round about exam times, fewer during the school and university holidays, and almost none on Christmas Day.

I wonder how many  seekers found what they were looking for. Not the late night seekers for Naughty Julie, still one of the most popular search engine terms for finding these pages. Probably not many of those who type in their essay questions  about Private Peaceful, hoping for answers their teachers will approve of.

The most popular posts are those that are linked to by Wikipedia – the one about Lark Rise to Candleford, for instance. Suddenly the page counts rocketed when the series came back on TV.

I’m now nearing the end of my Ph.D. research – tidying up the chapters and checking references. Maybe when I’ve totally finished, I’ll widen the scope of the blog – call it Great War Fiction Plus or something, and add a wider selection of thoughts and snippets.

But for the moment, let’s just keep on, and see how long it takes to get to 200,000.



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    Many congratulations on reaching 100,000 (i’m slowly limping towards 10,000). Always a worthwhile and stimulating read. Have you read George Godwin’s ‘Why stay we here’ which i’ve just bought? It’s been described as the outstanding Canadian novel of the war but Cyril Falls is very sniffy about it.
    Whenever i’m in London I always make sure I get a bus from Victoria that passes Jagger’s great memorial – surely the finest tribute to the war dead in the country.

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    Congratulations on that landmark 100,000 – well deserved.

    Personally, having been alerted to this site by someone who shares my interest in war art, I continue to find your posts hugely rewarding.

    Probably most of us think we ‘know’ the First World War, in the sense that we have some model – acquired through formal education, popular culture, family stories and heaven only knows what else – of what happened in that pivotal conflict, how it affected private lives and public sentiment, what it ‘meant’. So the truly marvellous thing about this site is the way in which – in a nuanced, scholarly yet practical way – you so often show up the gaps and outright mistakes in my own working Great War model.

    And, well, if much of our conventional understanding of the Great War turns out to be wrong, there’s surely more at stake than mere academic nicety. In other words, this is not only a fascinating site, but a truly important one, too.

    Good luck with the dissertation – and the next 100,000 posts!

    Bunny Smedley
    Fugitive Ink

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    PS When I wrote ‘100,000 posts’, that was a coffee-deprived, hence defective attempt to type out ‘100,000 page views’. Although, of course, if you’re aiming for 100,000 posts that would be great, too! 😉

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    Thanks for the encouragement.

    100,000 posts? Well, maybe I could try. Just 99893 to go…

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