So is it going to snow again? Tomorrow I’m scheduled to give a paper to the Centre for First World War Studies seminar in   Birmingham, on fiction magazines, 1914-1918.

I was offered a choice of dates, and I turned down January because I thought it might be snowy.

So will I be able to get to Birmingham tomorrow? I hope so, barring total disaster.

Will anyone bother to come out and hear me, on a cold ans slippery evening? More doubtful.

I’ve consulted with John Horne, and we’re probably going to keep going, whatever the weather.

But that’s what Haig did at Passchendaele, and that didn’t turn out too well…


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    This sounds like a wonderful paper! I hope you post it somewhere.

    As for the snow, be sure you step carefully. And then you can avoid the Haig/Passchendaele problem.

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