Lion Fed on Donkeys?

I’ve been greatly enjoying Survivors of a Kind, a new study of Great War memoirs by Brian Bond, who spoke at Birmingham earlier in the week.

I’ll write a fuller account  of the book soon, but for now will just mention one of the picturesque details in which the book abounds.

In a chapter on the Guards, Bond mentions Major G.D. (later General Lord) Jeffreys, of the Grenadiers, a martinet and a brave man, and adds:

The oddest thing about him, perhaps, was that he had kept a pet lion while on active service in France.

The beast had originally been won by another officer in a raffle in 1917. It was fed on horses killed in battle.  I wonder if that happens to any of the stars of War Horse.


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    WOW. That is awesome. I must obtain this book!

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