Some Blogs

Blogs come and go. Here are some that have come to my attention recently, which others might enjoy:

There are two research blogs associated with the University of Exeter (home of Tim Kendall and his War Poetry blog). Sebastian Field is researching Shakespeare and the Great War, though his blogging thoughts range more widely than that subject.  Philip Lancaster is working on the Ivor Gurney archive, and his posts often convey the pleasure of finding treasures among the ancient documents.

Dcairns at the Shadowplay blog writes about a wide variety of films, but he’s doing a year-long Hitchcock project, seeingone of the 52 canonical movies every week for a year. He’s past the silents now, and a good recent post covers Murder!, exploring both why it’s so unsatisfactory and why it’s so fascinating. If you don’t know Murder, here’s the opening, courtesy of YouTube.

Nicholas Murray’s  Bibliophilic Blogger site is starting a series of articles on the second-hand bookshops of London. This promises to be useful.

Also, I enjoy finding out about what Bloglily has been reading, and about Julia Hedge’s adventures in the literature of the twentieth century.

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