Rupert Brooke’s Pub

I went for an afternoon’s walking in the Chilterns yesterday, with some friends and their brilliant new dog. On the way, I noticed a pub sign with a familar face on it.
This is the Pink and Lily, at Parslows Hillock, near Lacey Green, on the edge of Princes Risborough, in Buckinghamshire.

The Brooke connection is that he went there one afternoon with his friend Jacques Raverat, and they had such a good time that he wrote a poem about it:

Never came there to the Pink
Two such men as we, I think.
Never came there to the Lily
Two men quite so richly silly ;
So broad, so supple, and so tall,
So modest and so brave withal,
With hearts so clear, such noble eyes,
Filled with such sage philosophies,
Thirsty for Good, secure of Truth,
Fired by a purer flame than youth,
Serene as age, but not so dirty,
Old, young, mature, being under thirty.
Were ever two so fierce and strong,
Who drank so deep, and laughed so long,
So proudly meek, so humbly proud,
Who walked so far, and sang so loud ?

The third and fourth lines are probably by Jacques Raverat.


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