‘Love – On Leave’ reviewed

Thanks to Alan Hewer of Great War Dust Jackets for pointing me in the direction of a Punch review of the Jessie Pope stories I’ve mentioned recently. Here it is – and a pretty just assessment, too.

Love–on Leave (PEARSON) is the sufficiently expressive title that Miss JESSIE POPE has chosen for a small book of little courtship tales. You never saw a volume of its size, more packed with love, which is shown leaping walls, laughing at locksmiths and generally making the world go round in its proverbial fashion. The pace of the revolutions may be found a little disconcerting. You will perhaps be inclined to amend the title and call the collection “Love on Short Leave,” to mark the regularity with which the respective heroes and heroines fall into each others’ arms at the end of every dozen pages or so. As a matter of fact, the incident that is to my mind the best of the bunch is an exception to this rule of osculation–a happily imagined little comedy of a young wife who thought to avoid the visit of a tiresome sister-in-law by betaking herself for the night to the branches of a spreading beech. Whether in actual life this is a probable course of conduct need not exercise your mind; at least not enough to prevent your enjoyment of her arboreal adventure, which comes, as I say, with the more freshness as a break in what might else be a surfeit of proposals. In effect, a gallant little florin’s worth of  fiancailles; though, if you wish to avoid feeling like a matrimonial agency, you will be well-advised to take it by instalments rather than in bulk.

Here’s the book’s cover:



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    Oh my! What a wonderful cover that is. (I want to have a muff and a guy in a trench coat leaning toward me…)

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