You Read it Here First

There’s a nice little piece by John Sutherland in today’s Guardian about that 1929 competition to predict the living novelists who would still be remembered and read in 2029.
I blogged about the competition a couple of weeks ago, having come upon it in the Manchester Guardian archive by chance. (I was looking for references to a man called Brett-Smith, and the search engine took me to this piece because it mentions Francis Brett-Young and Sheila Kaye-Smith. It’s the kind of serendipitous discovery that makes research so much fun – and so slow, if you’re as easily sidetracked as I am.) A couple of days later it got picked up by someone on Twitter who spread the word, and yesterday a link in a website called Rockpapershotgun brought the post more readers than any other in my blog’s normally uneventful history.
So is it just coincidence that Prof Sutherland (I critic whom I always enjoy reading, by the way) picked up the story at the same time? Or did he get it, directly or indirectly, from my blog? If so, an acknowledgement would have been nice.

Update (Nov 2):

I asked the Guardian reader’s editor about this, and received a prompt reply.
John Sutherland had picked the story up from Twitter, and had referenced this blog in his article, but the mention was edited out when the story was edited down to 300 words.
The Guardian have now restored the mention in the online version of the story, and  a brief statement of the facts has appeared in their Corrections and Clarifications column, which I think is a pretty handsome response on their part.


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