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Please note: Now that I have left Oxford Brookes (fully doctored) the email address by which you can contact me is
I should have realised that the Brookes email address would go as soon as I completed the formalities, but instead went on holiday for a week, without saving my address book. I’m trying to reconstruct this, but please be patient.
My holiday was in Hay-on-Wye, the most wonderfully bookish town in Britain. I rationed myself firmly, and managed to come home with no more than twenty-four additional books to somehow fit into our overloaded bookshelves; my pile, I noted proudly, was smaller than that of my son-in-law, who made a terrific haul of science-fiction and exploration books. My daughter added significantly to her store of P.G.Wodehouse.
I’ll be writing in the blog about some of the books I purchased. When I choose books, it is almost always for the text, not the binding, but I did treat myself to an early edition of one of the very great war novels. It is the 1930 first public edition of Manning’s Her Privates We, in this superb decorated cloth binding:
Her Privates We

(This image is courtesy of Alan Hewer’s excellent Great War Dust Jackets website)


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    George, you should celebrate your doctorate by treating yourself to the unexpurgated edition ‘The Middle Parts of Fortune’ available on ABE at the bargain prices of £517 up to £1700. Expensive swearing!!

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