In 1915, Rudard Kipling snarled that there were “only two divisions in the world to-day – human beings and Germans.”

It’s a point of view.

Tomorrow  I’m going away for a week’s holiday in Germany.  A pleasant and  civilised coach-tour through the Rhineland, booked through a Guardian special offer. I shan’t be taking any Kipling with me, but have a nice long Arnold Bennett to while away any longeurs.

I’ll report back in a week of anything of Great War interest that I come across.


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  1. Peter K.
    Posted September 26, 2010 at 10:47 am | Permalink

    As a German, living in Germany and being brought up by Germans, I have to say: he is quite right. It’s probably a combination of Luther and Prussian virtues what is responsible for it.

    Still, I think we have grown up now. It’s unlikely we will ever again be trying to quench our thirst for demonstrating our superiority over the rest of the world by waging war and perfectionating concentration camps. We are quite happy now with a decent export surplus, even though it is somewhat disquieting that we are run again from Berlin.

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