Laughing at Starvation

Insofar as Alfred Leete is remembered these days it is as the designer of the London Opinion cover that first showed Kitchener in iconic finger-pointing pose (and yes, it was originally a black-and-white image).

In his day, though, he was a well-known cartoonist, and in 1916 the Strand Magazine ran a feature including some of his best work. It included this:

The cartoon is an opportunity for Britons to chuckle at Germany because of the success of the naval blockade that was seriously reducing German food imports, and was leading to much civilian hardship.  The over-sized Huns are weeping as they eat Fido – unfeeling and sentimental at the same time.

I can’t think of any other cartoons that  take such pleasure in the thought of German food shortages. Clearly, though, the Strand liked it enough to include it in a portfolio of Leete’s best work.


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