Birmingham Seminar programme

The programme for this year’s War Studies seminars on Tuesday afternoons at the University of Birmingham has now been published online. There are fewer Great War related sessions this year, buit some sound interesting. In January, Lt Col Simon Higgens is speaking on the subject: Haldane’s army reforms reassessed. Since I’ve never quite understood why so many people hated Haldane so very much, I shall try to go to this one. In February,  Dr Alisa Miller’s will be discussing:  Teaching the First World War in Great Britain, 1919 – 1939. I’ll go to that one, to find out how educational treatments of the war coincided with the fictional ones that I’ve been examining for a few years.

There are interesting sounding treatments of other wars, too, including, on November 23rd, Prof Gary Sheffield on The British soldier in the Second World War- the experience of combat.

The whole programme can be found here.

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