Occasionally, a morbidly-minded blogger like me thinks – so if I were to be run over by a bus tomorrow, what would happen to the blog?

I suppose that the good people at WordPress (and they are very good people indeed) would keep it online for a while – but interest would fade eventually. Then, the night.

Today, though, I heard from the British Library, asking if they could keep an archive of the blog. They wrote:

The British Library would like to invite you to participate in our web archiving programme. We select and archive sites to represent aspects of UK documentary heritage and as a result, they will remain available to researchers in the future. The British Library works closely with leading UK institutions to collect and permanently preserve the UK web, and our archive can be seen at

There are benefits to you as a website owner in having your publication archived by the British Library such as having a historical record of your website. We aim to develop preservation mechanisms to keep your publication permanently accessible as hardware and software change over time.

That’s a nice thought – the blog being permanently accessible, however future technology changes. As accessible as a book, just about. No guarantee that many will read it in the future – but it will be there.
You can get an idea of what is already archived, at: Some parts of the interface are a bit clunky as yet, I think, but this is a project with a future (and very gratifying to bloggers).
If you can think of a website that ought to be archived, the website provides an opportunity to nominate worthy candidates.


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    Oh yes, that is precisely where your erudite, informative and valuable blog ought to be—archived forever. Congratulations George, but don’t be in any rush to get under that bus!!

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