Conversation about Sassoon

On the BBC website, a conversation between Jean Moorcroft Wilson (biographer of Sassoon) and Gary Sheffield (biographer of Haig).
Sheffield argues that privileging the work of the protest poets gives a false notion of the War; Wilson stands up for Sassoon. But before that she reads one of Sassoon’s early war poems, glorifying war as heroic.
Update: I went to hear Jean Moorcroft Wilson speaking about Sassoon at the Imperial War Museum on Saturday, and the point about that new poem is not that it is early work, but that it is an idealising, Brooke-like poem written after he had begun in his more satirical strain. Which shows that his progress to disillusionment was not as straightforward as is sometimes thought. Dr Wilson promises to explain all in the revised edition of her Sassoon biography – due to appear next year.

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