Nice trenches

According to the star of tonight’s TV version of Birdsong (Eddie Redmayne, an Old Etonian fashion model and friend of Prince William) the trenches were ‘nice’.
Sebastian Faulks writes interestingly about the book’s origins in the Independent.

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    I’ve just seen the first episode, and it’s quite well done. Costumes and settings convincing, acting understated, generally.
    I think it’s a difficult book to adapt, though. The hero is a very passive character, more acted on than acting. This works well enough in a novel, but not in a drama. He spends a lot of time looking gloomily moody.
    The affair with the French lady is well enough done (though would the strike background be clear to someone who hadn’t read the book?).
    I’m afraid, though, that the relationship between Stephen and Firebrace reminded me irresistibly of Ted and Ralph (the aristo and gamekeeper) in The Fast Show. Those slow smouldering gazes…
    Never mind. I shall definitely watch the second episode next week.

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