‘All Quiet’ – the cocktail

In P.G. Wodehouse’s Mulliner Nights, Oofy Prosser is in a bad state the morning after enjoying

Bronx cocktails, Martinis, Side-cars, Lizard’s Breaths, All Quiet on the Western Fronts […] champagne, whisky, brandy, chartreuse, benedictine and curaçao.

Was there really an All Quiet cocktail? Googling doesn’t find me a recipe.
Was this a joke, based on the early thirties fashion for war books and films?
Remarque seems to have been a fan of cocktails, though, and some of his early writings include cocktail recipes.
Another Great War reference in the same story (‘The Knightly Quest of Mervyn’). Some sub-standard strawberries are described as ‘C3’ – like recruits rejected by the Army.

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