A new blog, and Leeds seminars

Well, it’s been going for a couple of months, but it’s new to me.

armsand themedicalman is a blog by Jessica Meyer (whose Men of War was welcomed enthusiastically in this blog a few years ago).

The blog will be a by-product of Jessica’s current research, into the experiences and identities of men serving in medical support and paramedic roles with the British armed forces during the First World War.

She has some bracing comments to make about David Cameron’s proposals for commemorating the Great War. I especially liked this point:

Oh, and the award for most fatuous comment must go to General Lord Dannatt, quoted in The Times as saying, ‘This needs to be the start of an education programme on the history of the events that led to the outbreak of the war, to make sure it never happens again.’  Given the number of conflicts to engulf the world since 1918, I suspect that ship has sailed.

She has another post mentioning  Gary Sheffield’s critique of the commemoration plans as concentrating on victimhood, failure and futility. (All the main commemorative dates are of disasters, not of those last battles where the British Army triumphed). I can see some enjoyable quarrels arising over the next couple of years…

A recent post is especially interesting, since it points with a link to Leeds University’s ‘Legacies of War’ seminar series. The seminars have been recorded, and are available on YouTube.


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    Many thanks for the mention, George. What are you up to these days? Coincidentally, I was just discussing your paper on facetiousness with someone today. Small world!

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    What am I up to? Well, last year I moved north to Huddersfield, and now that I’m settled in I’m finally getting round to properly adapting my thesis into a book. Must get it done before 2014…

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