‘Legacies of War’ at Leeds

I went to Leeds University yesterday to listen to Adrian Gregory talking about the War and religion  ( I knew he’d be good, because I heard him a few years ago at Birmingham). I’d expected an analysis of religion in England, developing the account in his book The Last Great War (strongly recommended); instead he took an international perspective, exploring how religion in the twentieth century had been affected by the events of the War. This ranged from the visions at Fatima, which have captured the imagination of most of the last century’s popes, to the effect on Islam of the capture of Jerusalem and the end of the Caliphate, and the way that the War shaped the thinking of William Jennings Bryan, the key figure in the shaping of American fundamentalism.

The lecture was part of the Leeds Legacies of War programme, and as such will eventually appear on YouTube; I’ll post the news when it appears. This link  will take you to an earlier  talk in the series, Rob Thompson speaking about the Engineers at 3rd Ypres:


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