In a comment on my ‘Faulks’ post, Roger speculates on the interesting question of Jeeves’s war service
The only evidence we have for this is an enigmatic exchange in Ring For Jeeves (1953):

“Were you in the First World War, Jeeves?”
“I dabbled in it to a certain extent, m’lord.”

What could the dabbling have consisted of? Perhaps he helped out at GHQ, performing the very necessary task of ensuring that the cocktails were at exactly the right temperature. After the German advance of March 1918, though, I suspect he must have taken a more proactive part, whispering a few words of advice into the ear of Douglas Haig, and thereby ensuring the victories of the last hundred days.


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    The only soldier ever awarded the DSO for services rendered strictly in the capacity of being a batman. His tea-making abilities were indirectly responsible for the breakthrough at Cambrai.

  2. David Filsell
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    Not unlike the author who ‘dabbled a bit’ in the second to his immortal shame.

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