A mother

Howard Spring’s first volume of autobiography (Heaven Lies about Us, 1939) contains a vivid picture of his mother, who brought up five sons alone, mostly by taking in washing:

It cost her much to bring up her sons. She lost two of them, and for the one she lost in the war she was awarded five shillings a week. It was I who had to be the realist then. She was very small, very grey, but fierce and energetic as ever. ‘They can keep it!’ she said. ‘They can keep it! He was worth more than that!’


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    I’ve found out a small amount about the brother. He was Burton Spring, who enlisted in the West Yorkshire Regiment, and was killed on 13th April, 1917. He was 23 years old, and is buried at Faubourg-D´Amiens Cemetery, Arras.

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