‘Pre-war’ again

It’s a long long time since I noted some interesting (to me) uses of the term ‘pre-war’.

Here’s another, from the extremely entertaining 1927 novel  Crazy Pavements  by Beverley Nichols.

Nobody had spoken during this brief transit, except Maurice who had said:

‘Does my face look terribly pre-war tonight?’ and had been answered by an affirmative from both Julia and Lord William.

Maurice is an extremely camp representative of the Bright Young Things, and I doubt whether his utterance reflects common usage.

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    I can see now why my husband loves to read your posts. He is an avid History reader and he is always looking for a good read. I am buying some books for him for birthday and holidays. Picked him up a read by Kent HInckley, kenthinckley.com is his site. His Vietnam war era book called Hearts, Minds and Coffee has been his favorite read of the year so far. It’s good, we recommend that one!

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