Allatini after Fitzroy


Thinking about C. W. Daniel has revived my curiosity about Rose Allatini, whose novel Despised and Rejected got him into so much trouble.

She lived until 1980, and apparently wrote forty-odd novels, under a variety of pseudonyms, including Lucian Wainwright, Mrs Cyril Scott, and  Eunice Buckley. I can’t find out much about them, though. Are any as remarkable in their treatment of sexual themes as Despised and Rejected?

Out of curiosity, I’ve taken a look at and have plumped more or less at random for Girl of Good Family (1935) by ‘Lucian Wainwright’. I’ve only just started it, but the opening chapter is intriguing, about a Jewish arranged marriage. I think there may be some Great War material later in the book.
I’ll report back when I’ve finished with a review of the book. Meanwhile, though, I’d be very glad to hear from anyone who has read any other Wainwright or Buckley or Allatini or Scott or Fitzroy novels.

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