Films of 1916


The BFI website offers a new selection of films of 1916, free to view.

The image above is from a ‘Topical Budget’ film showing soldiers receiving hydrotherapy at Devonshire House in Buxton. The treatment was mostly for rheumatic diseases, and the website comments:

Anecdotal evidence suggests that debilitating rheumatic disorders were rife, particularly among soldiers who spent long periods in the trenches. The intention of this newsreel item was presumably to reassure the audience that ‘our boys’ were getting the best possible treatment using modern methods and equipment.

There are several more newsreels connected with the war, plus some short fiction films, one of which features Fred Evans (‘Pimple’) as an actor rehearsing his lines too enthusiastically.


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    George, Thanks for this link. Unfortunately can’t view in the US. Sigh

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