Kipling the Spy

On Friday, November 20, 1914 the following story appeared in the Daily Mail:

kipling spy

And on June 21, 1915, this appeared in the same paper. It’s rather amusing to see Kipling accused of ‘rank socialism’:



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  1. Bill
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    According to Father Vaughan (a celebrated – perhaps celebrity – Jesuit and acquaintance of King Edward VII) the Mail misquoted him. He wrote to The Times ‘My attention has been called to a paragraph in the Press in which I am reported to have described Mr. Rudyard Kipling’s line, “Who dies if England live ? “as “a pagan lie.” I did not do so. I called it “a pagan line.” ‘

    It seems his objection was to the line being quoted out of context as a call for the individual to subordinate himself to the State. Father Vaughan was against this, as well as against Socialism (and Sin, of course).

    His letter continued ‘It is quite unnecessary to say that I had no intention of attacking Mr. Kipling, to whom as Poet of Empire the country is indebted for a lofty ideal of patriotism.’

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