To the Front, with Sassoon


Marion and I are off to London today, and tomorrow will be heading to Ebbsfleet, to join a tour organised by Battle Honours, in conjunction with the Siegfried Sassoon Fellowship: Siegfried Sassoon on the Western Front.

We’ll be following the poet’s wartime career, beginning in Festubert, where he met Robert Graves (‘a young poet, captain in the Third Battalion, and very much disliked’, he wrote in his diary); then on to the Somme and Arras.

I’ve been to the Salient a couple of times, but have never visited the Somme, so am greatly looking forward to it.  I’ll take my camera, and will report here when we return.

Yesterday was a good day. My contributor’s copy of The Edinburgh Companion to the First World War and the Arts arrived. I’ve just been reading a very good chapter by Toby Haggith, on the making and reception of the Battle of the Somme film. I’ve also enjoyed Peter Grant’s piece on the ways that the Great War has been treated in popular music over the last half-century. And Kate Macdonald’s chapter on the wartime periodical press is something I wish I’d had to guide me when I started researching; truly useful.  And I’ve re-read my own chapter on ‘British Soldiers’ Songs’. Bloody good, if you ask me.





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  1. Tom Deveson
    Posted July 5, 2017 at 9:05 am | Permalink

    ‘…And I’ve re-read my own chapter on ‘British Soldiers’ Songs’. Bloody good, if you ask me…’

    And so [will] say all of us!

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