A few words about upcoming performances, theatrical and literary.

From August 22nd, the ever-enterprising Finborough Theatre will be presenting John Galsworthy’s Windows.

This is a 1922 comedy about post-war Britain and its confusions, and hasn’t been professionally produced for 85 years, apparently. I shall be in London in August and have bought my ticket for the show.  Look out for a review on this site in due course.

At the moment the Finborough is presenting Just to Get Married by that remarkable woman, Cicely Hamilton. She is the feminist who wrote the excellent play, Diana of Dobson’s, as well as novels like William, an Englishman and Theodore Savage. I won’t manage to see that production, unfortunately. (Why is it left to the Finborough to unearth rarities like this? Why doesn’t the National Theatre live up to its name and explore the historic repertoire of British theatre, rather than putting on clunkers like My Country, and Salome and Common?)

I also doubt if I’ll manage to see an enterprising production that I’ve been informed of. This is MESH Theatre’s Journey’s End, which will play in Ypres this November, and then on the Somme next year.

I gather that a film of Journey’s End is also due to be released next year.

Another kind of performance will be happening at Kipling’s House, Bateman’s, in Sussex. Here’s what the press release says:

An unprecedented event for lovers of the author and poet, Rudyard Kipling will be held on 12th and 13th August in the grounds of his former home, Bateman’s at Burwash in East Sussex. (Address below).
In collaboration with staff and volunteers at Bateman’s, members of the Kipling Society will be reading selections of Kipling’s prose and poetry for 24 hours beginning at 2pm on 12 August and ending at 2pm on 13th.
As well as some of his best loved stories and poems, the readings will include introductory backgrounds and personal reactions from across the world.
The event will also feature unusual recorded contributions, such as ‘The Butterfly that Stamped’ in Ukrainian, ‘The Miracle of Purun Baghat’ in Mandarin, ‘Mandalay’ in Danish, ‘The Deep Sea Cables’ recorded in the Australian outback, a set of recordings from a voice-over artist in Belgium, and musical versions of the verse from various sources, at home and abroad.
An audio link will be streamed live over the internet with links from the Facebook pages of Bateman’s and The Kipling Society.
Bateman’s can be found at Bateman’s Lane, Burwash, Etchingham TN19 7DS.

And at the beginning of Serptember I shall be performing, or at least reading a paper, at the Many lives of Arnold Bennett conference at Keele University. Speakers will be covering the remarkably varied aspects of his life and career, and I shall be discussing what the files in the National Archive reveal about his time at the Ministry of Information during the Great War.


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    Thanks George and Great War Fiction. You would be most welcome in Ypres if you get a window – showing for 5 weeks – 3pm daily – team day trip? All best, Sally

    MESH Theatre Co. Tel: +44 (0) 7817707517 Email:


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    I’ve been sent the programme for the ‘ Diversity of Kipling’ reading marathon at Bateman’s. I attach it here just for its reminder how wonderfully various and fertile Kipling’s talent was. And it doesn’t even include several of my favourite stories:

    24 hours of readings

    Saturday and Sunday

    12th and 13th August

    Bateman’s Sussex

    You are very welcome to listen to our readings, streamed live.

    Look for the Youtube link on the Bateman’s Facebook page, or the Kipling Society Facebook page.

    All timings are approximate, and we may be able to add more pieces…

    Saturday 12th August

    2.00 p.m. John Walker: Introduction and welcome.

    2.05 p.m. Tonie and Valmai Holt: “ Kipling’s Position as a War Poet”.

    2.35 p.m. Roger Ayers: ‘The Gardener’.

    3.10 p.m. Qing Xie: ‘Outsong in the Jungle’in English and Mandarin.

    3.15 p.m. Pamela Morgan: ‘Giffen’s Debt’ and ‘The White Man’s Burden’.

    3.25 p.m. Janice Lingley: ‘From a Winter Notebook’.

    3.48 p.m. Robin Mitchell: ‘The Last of the Light Brigade’.

    3.55 p.m. Pamela Morgan with John Walker and Mike Kipling: ‘Danny Deever’.

    4.00 p.m. Pamela Morgan: ‘Pink Dominoes’ and ‘The Question’.

    4.08 p.m. Erin Louttit: ‘When Earth’s Last Picture is Painted’.

    4.11 p.m. Pamela Morgan: ‘Delilah’and ‘The Exiles’ Line’.

    4.20 p.m. Inger Brogger: ‘Mandalay’ in Danish.

    4.25 p.m. Ray Beck: ‘The Return of Imray’.

    5.00 p.m. Sue Maxwell: ‘ The Gate of a Hundred Sorrows’.

    5.15 p.m. Sue Maxwell ‘My Rival’ and ‘His Apologies’.

    5.25 p.m. Jim Deeprose: ‘The American Rebellion’.

    5.32 p.m. Charles Neve: ‘Three and – an Extra’.

    5.52 p.m. Erin Louttit: ‘Blue Roses’.

    6.02 p.m. Claudette Neville: A Smuggler’s Song’.

    6.05 p.m. John Radcliffe: ‘The Way Through the Woods’.

    6.08 p.m. Claudette Neville: ‘Puck’s Song’.

    6.18 p.m. Inger Brogger: ‘The Story of Muhhamad Din’.

    6.30 p.m. Janet Montefiore: ‘A St Helena Lullaby’.

    6.35 p.m. John Lambert: from ‘Stalky & Co.’.

    7.00 p.m. Erin Louttit; Song of the Wise Children’.

    7.05 p.m. Pamela Morgan: ‘Cupid’s Arrows’.

    7.20 p.m. John Radcliffe: ‘The Craftsman’.

    7.24 p.m. Mike Kipling: ‘Mary Postgate’.

    8.00 p.m. Erin Louttit: ‘The Love Song of Har-Dyal’

    8.05 p.m. Andrew Lycett: ‘Working-Tools’.

    8.25 p.m. Volodymyr Chernyshenko: ‘The Butterfly that Stamped’ (in Ukrainian).

    9.00 p.m. John Radcliffe: ‘The Bridge Builders’.

    9.05 p.m. Mike Kipling: ‘Helen All Alone’.

    9.08 p.m. Sue Bobbins: ‘Dear Mrs Balestier’.

    9.40 p.m. Bronwen Sadler: ‘How the Rhinoceros Got His Skin’.

    10.00 p.m. Alastair Wilson: ‘007’.

    10.35 p.m. Chris Morrison: ‘The Ballad of East and West’.

    10.45 p.m. Peter Bradbury: ‘The Looking Glass’.

    10.52 p.m. Bronwen Sadler: ‘The Beginning of the Armadillos’.

    11. 24 p.m. John Radcliffe: ‘The Harp Song of the Dane Women’.

    11.27 p.m. John Radcliffe: ‘The Spring Running’.

    11.32 p.m. Gary Enstone: ‘At the Pit’s Mouth’.

    11.52 p.m. Chris Morrison: ‘The Long Trail’.

    Sunday 13th August

    MIDNIGHT Alastair Wilson: ‘McAndrew’s Hymn’.

    00.20 a.m. Jennifer Teh : ‘The Sing-Song of Old Man Kangaroo’.

    00.37 a.m. Alastair Wilson: ‘The Manner of Men’.

    1.15 a.m. Jennifer Teh: ‘The Deep Sea Cables’.

    1.22 a.m. Amy Hogger ‘The Eye of Allah’.

    2.10 a.m. Alan Rideout: ‘The River’s Tale’ .

    2.15 a.m. Alastair Wilson: ‘Sussex’.

    2. 20 a.m. Alan Rideout: The Widow at Windsor’.

    2.25 a.m. Chris Morrison: ‘The Storm Cone’. 4 min.

    2.30 a.m. Paul Woodley: ‘The Rout of the White Hussars’.

    3.00 a.m. Meredith Dixon: ‘A Walking Delegate’.

    3.55 a.m. Paul Woodley: The Arrest of Lieutenant Golightly’.

    4.13 a.m. Alex Bubb: ‘ A Ballade of Bad Entertainment .

    4.26 a.m. Peter Bellamy and Heather Wood: ‘Frankie’s Trade’.

    4.40 p.m. Chris Morrison: ‘The Glory of the Garden’.

    4.45 a.m. Paul Woodley: ‘A Daughter of the Regiment’. 5.05 a.m. Paul Woodley: ‘Yoked with an Unbeliever’.

    5.15 a.m. Peter Bradbury: ‘Gentlemen- Rankers’ (sung).

    5.22 a.m. Qing Xie: Excerpt from ‘The Miracle of Purun Bhagat’ in English and Mandarin.

    5.33 a.m. Chris Morrison: ‘The Roman Centurion’s Song’.

    6.00 a.m. Sue Lane-Smith: ‘How the Leopard Got His Spots’.

    6.20 a.m. Lynne Brown: ‘from Letters of Travel’.

    6.45 a.m. Peter Bolwell: ‘Big Steamers’ (sung).

    7.00 a.m. Mike Lacey: ‘The Elephant’s Child’.

    7.20 a.m. Erin Louttit: ‘The Prayer of Miriam Cohen’.

    7.25 a.m. John Radcliffe: Extract from ‘Kim’.

    7.30 a.m. Mike Lacey: Extract from ‘They’.

    7.50 a.m. Young Tradition: ‘Oak and Ash and Thorn’ (sung).

    7.50 a.m. John Walker: ‘Ham and the Porcupine’.

    8.10 a.m. The Young Tradition: ‘A Three Part Song’.

    8.30: Pamela Morgan: ‘Kim’ Chapter 7: 4 min.

    8.35 a.m. Brian Harris: ‘Lichtenberg’.

    9.00 a.m. Sara Harris: ‘The Committee of Ways and Means’.

    9.30 a.m. Susan Smith: ‘We and They’.

    9.38 a.m. David Forsyth: ‘The Destroyers’.

    9.42 a.m. Brian Harris: ‘Chant-Pagan’.

    9.46 a.m. John Walker: ‘My Sunday at Home’.

    10.30 a.m. Richard Rattle: ‘The Dutch in the Medway’.

    10.38 a.m. David Forsyth: ‘An Unqualified Pilot’.

    11.13 a.m. Richard Rattle: ‘Tommy’.

    11.23 a.m. Brian Harris: ‘Bridge-Guard in the Karoo’.

    11.27 a.m. John Walker reads Mainak Ghosh’s ‘How the Tortoise Got Its Shell’.

    11.35 a.m. Richard Rattle: ‘Rikki-Tikki-Tavi’.

    12.15 p.m. Ray Beck: Songs and ‘The Land’.

    12.50 p.m. Linda Burton: ‘Merrow Down’.

    12.54 p.m. Marion Brazier: Edgehill Fight’.

    12.57 p.m. Linda Burton: ‘Eddi’s Service’.

    1.05 p.m. Kay Young: ‘If~’..

    1.12 p.m. Mike Lacey: ‘The Princess in the Pickle- Bottle’.

    1.17 p.m. Roger Ayers: ‘The Miracle of Purun Bhagat’.

    1.47 p.m. The Winning Choice.

    1.58 p.m. Pauline Wall (Bateman’s) ‘The Appeal’.

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