Wounded Soldiers arriving

Rod Beecham is getting near to publishing his book on First World War prose.  He still has some rights issues to clear up, though.

wounded at station

He would like to use this painting of wounded soldiers arriving at a station (Victoria?) as his cover image, but does not know who painted it, who owns it, or who owns the rights. Can anyone help?

John Hobson Lobley has been suggested as the artist, but Rod isn’t convinced.


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    According to:
    this is by Haydn Reynolds Mackey,
    Official War Artist, its title ‘British Red Cross Society and Order of St Workers Attending Wounded on their arrival at Boulogne.

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    PS Just to avoid possible confusion, while ‘Order of St Workers’ sounds an admirably productive outfit I did mean to type ‘Order of St John Workers’ there!

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      Thanks very much. I knew I could rely on the always erudite readers of this blog.

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    Many thanks, gentlemen! Thank you to George for posting, and thank you to those who responded so helpfully (BTW, Alan, I think we know each other by correspondence? Great War Dust Jackets? You were courageous enough to read my entire PhD thesis some years ago (2011 or 2012, from memory).)

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