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It’s a long time since I was seriously collecting variations on the ‘white feather’ theme, but today I was delighted to come across a postwar variation on the theme in London Opinion, in early 1919, when everyone was asking when demobilisation was going to happen:


It’s from that rather odd magazine London Opinion, which combines quite good cartoons with fairly poor stories and articles. I was checking to see whether its column ‘The Looker-On’ had commented on the verdict in the Despised and Rejected trial in October 1918. It had incited the prosecution, and indeed could not help commenting on the outcome:

I’d have thought that one thing one could say in favour of Northcliffe was that this reviewer at the Times Literary Supplement felt he could give praise where it was due, despite the proprietor’s opinions and the position he held in the government. That nasty man James Douglas (who almost certainly wrote this paragraph, though not the rest of the Looker-On column, which is mostly light and gossipy) is clearly trying to stir up trouble here.

I’ll write more about London Opinion tomorrow.

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