Rose Allatini in Hampstead

This is a supplement to a post from last year, in which I described my wanderings round West London, looking at houses where Rose Allatini lived.

Recently, I happened to be in Hampstead, so took the opportunity to look at 142 Fellows Road, the house where Rose Allatini was living at the time when her novel Despised and Rejected was on trial under the Defence of the Realm Act as prejudicial to recruiting. (In the British Library there is a letter from Rose Allatini to Sidney Schiff, with this as the address.) It was presumably a multiple-occupancy house where she had a room (or rooms).

Why was she in Hampstead? The answer has to be that Fellows Road is just around the corner from Eton Avenue, where the family of her friend, George Owen, lived at number 35. I checked on this too, and it is rather a splendid house, with fine Arts-and-Craftsy decoration.

Big, too. Here’s a view of it from round the corner.

Owen was an actor, and his relationship with Rose Allatini is the basis of the Dennis/Antoinette relationship in Despised and Rejected. In 1917 he went on tour in a musical comedy, and Rose went with him. (This inspired theatrical episodes in several of her novels). The relationship was fictionalised again later in Girl of Good Family (1933). This time there is no trace of the homosexual content that got Despised and Rejected into so much trouble, though. In this book George becomes the actor David Abrams, who strings the heroine, Sacha, along, but won’t marry her because he is actually in love with a married woman.

My book, Rose Allatini: A Woman Writer will be available soon.(There have been slight delays, but nothing serious.)

Watch this space.

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  1. val383
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    Glad to see that the work on Rose continues, and clearly goes so well.

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