Over the time I’ve spent with Rose Allatini, author of Despised and Rejected, and so frequently disappointed by life, I have found her using several names:

R. Allatini, A.T. Fitzroy, R.L. Scott, Mrs Cyril Scott, Lucian Wainwright, Eunice Buckley…

Rose Allatini

Now, in the 1921 census, she has yet another name. The census was taken just a month after her marriage to the composer Cyril Scott, and he filled in the form for 24 Newton Road, Paddington. (This had been his home before the wedding.)

Am I wrong to read a honeymoon spirit into the use of the affectionate ‘Rosie’ here? Their path to marriage may have been odd (swayed by occult considerations, if one is to believe the version given in Scott’s An Initiate in the New World) but I was charmed by the use of the nickname. It might be less happily received by some of thise who have presented Rose Allatini as entirely homosexual (like the writer of the BBC’s war-centenary soap opera, who depicted her as a privileged and predatory lesbian.)

Cyril Scott

It’s interesting to see that Rose’s birthplace is given accurately as Vienna; in pre-war censuses, her father, anxious about the family’s status as immigrants, had moved it to Italy in the 1901 census, and then London in 1911.

Here’s how the Daily Mirror had reported their wedding.

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