I loked for Frederic Manning in the 1921 census, and found him at Edenham, near Bourne in Lincolnshire:

Click the image for a lerger version.

He was lodging with the family of Joseph Kirby, a farm labourer, and probably starting to write Her Privates We. He named the hero of the novel Bourne, the same as the village. He must have liked the place.


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    ‘Her Privates We’
    A magnificent book and recommended to anyone interested in this period of history

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    What a find!

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    Late to this thread. Manning hadn’t started writing Middle Parts of Fortune at this point. Throughout 1921 he was working on his biography of Sir William White, the British designer of warships. It required vast reading of technical reports as well as histories of the RN and wasn’t published until 1923.
    MPF really was a struggle for Manning. As he says in the dedicatory note, it was Peter Davies (friend and publisher) who made him do it. Almost literally, since he kept Manning virtually under house arrest in summer 1929 until he’d finished.

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      Thanks for this. Have you read the White biography? Does it have any qualities in common with Middle Parts of Fortune?
      I read some of his poems – whch seem to be by a different writer altogether. Did he compartementalise his talents?

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