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AQA LTA1B – exam hints

It’s a couple of years since I marked this AS-level paper, but I occasionally get asked for advice about how to handle the tricky first question (commentary on an unseen passage, usually of non-fictional prose).¬† Since the exam is this week, I thought I’d post my standard advice about the question, in the hope that […]

How the First World War is taught

The recent controversy about how schoolchildren are taught about World War I has been strong on assertion but light on factual evidence. The excellent World War I in the Classroom group¬† will soon be publishing the results of their large-scale survey about the teaching of the subject, and that should tell us much. While we’re […]


A reader sent me a request the other day. He will be taking the AQA WW1 AS exam next month, and would like some suggestions for practice extracts. (the trickiest question on the paper is a compulsory one where candidates are given an unseen extract about the War, and asked to analyse it, and to […]