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Girl of Good Family by ‘Lucian Wainwright’

I have really enjoyed reading Girl of Good Family (1935) by ‘Lucian Wainwright’, a pen-name of Rose Allatini. It was written nearly twenty years after her notorious banned novel Despised and Rejected, but returns to the war years described in that book. This novel is at least partly based on Allatini’s own life, but disguises […]

Allatini after Fitzroy

Thinking about C. W. Daniel has revived my curiosity about Rose Allatini, whose novel Despised and Rejected got him into so much trouble. She lived until 1980, and apparently wrote forty-odd novels, under a variety of pseudonyms, including Lucian Wainwright, Mrs Cyril Scott, and  Eunice Buckley. I can’t find out much about them, though. Are […]

C. W. Daniel, radical publisher

I spent Tuesday afternoon pleasantly, bookshopping in Sheffield, and bought something of a rarity from Rare and Racy, the books-and-music shop on Devonshire Street. It is a small pamphlet issued as a tribute to pacifist publisher C. W. Daniel, shortly after his death in 1955. I’ve written about Daniel here before, especially after my research […]

W. Pett Ridge and the future war

I knew, of course, that before 1914 there were plenty of Future War novels and stories, making the British public’s flesh creep with the prospect of invasion. Still, it was a surprise to come across this in the middle of W. Pett Ridge’s rather cosy family saga: Thanks to Sanderson (1912). heading for work, Mr […]

Wodehouse and Buchan

For the Sheffield Reading 1900-1950 book group this month, I’m reading P. G. Wodehouse’s Eggs, Beans and Crumpets, a high quality 1940 collection of stories, four of which are about Bingo Little. Mrs Bingo, of course, is better known as the romantic novelist Rosie M. Banks (that middle initial irresistibly recalling Reading Group favourites such […]

What became of Henry Dabelstein?

I’ve now posted a slightly enlarged version of my Marginalised Mainstream paper on Evadne Price/ Helen Zenna Smith as a page on this blog. After writing this paper, and doing some work on the Evadne Price Wikipedia page, I’m left with one big question: What happened to Henry Dabelstein? According to the Australian records, Eva […]

Evadne Price (Helen Zenna Smith) on Wikipedia

A few weeks ago I did some Wikipedia training at Sheffield Hallam University. Since then I’ve occasionally tinkered with editing some pages, but today I thought I’d get down to seriously sorting out the page on Evadne Price, which was something of a mess. I gave a paper on Price (alias Helen Zenna Smith) at […]

The War as a marker of age

I’m getting things together for my talk on Evadne Price (Helen Zenna Smith) at the Marginalised Mainstream conference this weekend, and I’ve been struck by something. In 1930, Price’s publisher Albert E. Marriott (alias Netley Lucas,  swindler and con-man) had asked her to write a spoof war book, All Quaint on the Western Front (under […]

Wikipedia Day

Today I went to Sheffield Hallam University for a day course in editing Wikipedia. I rather enjoyed it. There was some instruction in using the Wikipedia mark-up language; this is not difficult, but is annoyingly different from HTML, and is not entirely intuitive, so takes a bit of getting used to. Then, with Jbosh1940 I […]

Jonathan Smith’s ‘Wilfred and Eileen’

When I was in Lamb’s Conduit Street the other week, I couldn’t pass the Persephone Bookshop without popping in. I came out with a copy of Wilfred and Eileen, first published in 1976, and reissued by Persphone last year. It’s a book I’ve been meaning to read for a while. Jonathan Smith was a teacher […]


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