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‘Lest We Forget’ at IWM North

Selecting the Unknown Soldier. Image from ‘Lest We Forget’ Until February 24, 1919, there is a very good free exhibition at the Salford branch of the IWM. ‘Lest we Forget’ is about remembrance, and ways in which the Great War cast its shadow over succeeding years. The exhibition starts with the dead – a wall […]

Writing Disenchantment

A book I’ve been meaning to read for a while is Andrew Frayn’s Writing Disenchantment: British First World War prose, 1914–30. I’ve met Andy at several conferences, and he’s always interesting, though we tend to disagree about plenty of things, especially Richard Aldington. Alas, his book cost £85 and my time for reading in libraries […]

Galsworthy and Wilfrid Desert

Anyone looking for a nice little thesis topic could do worse than ‘Representations of War Poets in Novels of the Twenties and Thirties’. Some obvious candidates for inclusion: * Heritage, in John Buchan’s Huntingtower * Johnny Potter, in Rose Macaulay’s Potterism Everyone knows that school of poetry by heart now; of course it was particularly […]

Vorticists and Entertainers

In London yesterday, I visited a pair of contrasting exhibitions. The Vorticists at Tate Britain displays a lot of artwork from Wyndham Lewis and his chums (and a few of his enemies). It was the sculpture that most impressed me. Epstein’s Rock Drill (above)  meets you at the door, and it’s still a wow a […]

An Aphorism

Soldiers die so that soldiers may live. This is the zenith both of humility and of pride. George Barker


News comes in of the Imperial War Museum‘s plans for 2014. There will be new WW1 galleries, of which the Daily Telegraph tells us: Personal items, letters and diaries, many of which will be exhibited in interactive, multimedia displays, will be at the centre of the new galleries, telling the individual stories of some of […]